Washington University Shoot

This was a shoot for Washington University’s development department.  We photographed a tumbler to be used as a gift for donors.

A big thanks to Laura Josehart for bringing me in for this shoot and many others.  We started working together all the way back in 2007.  She was at Maryville University and hired me for a shoot there!  You can see Laura in a couple of the photos here.

Max & Louie’s “Souvenir”

Here are two PR images shot for Max & Louie’s theatre production of “Souvenir”, plus a behind-the-scenes photo as well. Be sure to click on the photos to see them larger!

The photos were taken at the home of Mary Strauss.  Mary is an ardent supporter of the arts and directed the restoration of the Fox Theatre in St. Louis in the early 1980s.  The first photo was taken in the foyer area in the middle of Mary’s home.  The second location was in Mary’s movie memorabilia room, where she has actual items from Hollywood movie sets.  A big thank you to Mary for her kind hospitality.  Plus, I appreciate De and Stellie from Max & Louie bringing us onboard to create the photos!

Book Award

I photographed collections of memorabilia from the St. Louis Cardinals’ Hall of Fame Museum for the book “Redbird Relics”.  The book won Best In Show at last year’s International Sports Heritage Associations competition.

A big thank you to Bill DeWitt, III of the Cardinals and the rest of his team for trusting me with the photography for the book.  And a tip of the hat to Gary Kodner, whose book design is second to none.  Plus, he worked with me on all the photos.  Paula Homan, manager and curator of the museum, and her team were fantastic in pulling the memorabilia from displays fast enough to keep us shooting with no delays in our temporary studio at the stadium.  Plus, Brian Finch and Jeff Scott did a wonderful job with the writing.  I am so excited that the hard work and expertise of everyone involved resulted in the book being recognized as the best in 2016!

Seung Hwan Oh at Ted Drewes

Seung Hwan Oh of the St. Louis Cardinals visited Ted Drewes for a taste of the legendary frozen custard. The shoot was for a feature in the St. Louis Cardinals’ magazine.

Final result for the cover of the magazine.

Discussing the shoot beforehand with Eugene Koo (interpreter), Seung Hwan Oh, Steve Zesch (Director of Publications) and Elisabeth Meinecke (Sr. Editor).

Elisabeth from the Cardinals shows Oh samples of my work before we start shooting.

Behind the scenes shooting the first photo

The first of two shots at Ted Drewes.

One final shot with Eugene and Seung.

A view from inside Ted Drewes while I shoot the cover.

The photo used to create the cover.

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